When teaching how to use computers and write software, I aim to teach general concepts and how to apply them to your specific situation. This allows you to figure out your own answers. It takes a bit longer, but the results – actual learning! – are , I believe , well worth it.

Consequently, I aim to support my students to learn for themselves. This means that I ask them to do most of the work (since most of us learn better by trying it ourselves) and watch what they do to find the places where they have difficulties. I’ll ask lots of questions and where possible, help you find your own answers.

I tutor computer programming in these languages:

  • Java
  • C
  • JavaScript
  • R

I also LOVE to teach people how to use Unix / Linux systems. They have so much power, and hardly anyone has a clue about how to use it. I have used Unix professionally since 1985, and , while
I’m not a kernel hacker, I do believe I know a bit about how to get things done with Unix.

Since you are special (you read this far, didn’t you ? ) I’ll share my favorite Unix lesson, the penultimate key to comprehension and power (in Unix, at least):

Here it is


What does the following Unix command do ?

man man


I also teach basic to advanced use of some common software packages :

  • Excel
  • MS Word
  • OpenOffice
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