Hi, and welcome to my website. Amber Computing is my “Computer Consultant” alter-ego. I’ve been mucking about with software since 1985 (well, really, since 7th grade, but that’s ancient history, last century!).In the 25+ years I’ve been a professional programmer I’ve used quite a variety of tools and techniques. This variety is reflected in the diversity of offerings you’ll find here.

If you’ve a software need that my skills can supply, I’d love to hear from you.If you’ve a project you want done I’ll do what I can to help you. If I can do it, I’ll prepare a bid and proposal. If it’s not in my set of skills, I’ll tell you so, and hope that I’m suitable for future work.

If you have a vision, but don’t really know how to translate that vision into a set of software specifications I can help you with that, too. Or maybe find a way for you to get the tools you need without re-inventing a wheel that you just don’t know about.

I’m here to empower you with the tools you need to do your work in the world.

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